Organic Maize Flour 500g


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Obtained from selected corn grains, from Certified Organic Farming.

It is milled by artisanal processes preserving the properties of the grain.


Nutritional table per 100g
Energy 1438 kJ /339 kcal
RDA - Not Applicable
Proteins 7 g RDA - Not Applicable
Lipids 1.8 g RDA - Not Applicable
Carbon hydrates 78.7 g RDA - Not Applicable
Fibres 4 g RDA - Not Applicable
Vitamin A 469((mi)g) 59% RDA
Iron 2.7 mg 19% RDA
Phosphorous 210 mg 26% RDA
Magnesium 127 mg 42% RDA
Thiamine 0.39 mg 27% RDA

RDA - Recommended Daily Allowance


Mode of use: It is used to make porridges, cakes, bread, to thicken sauces, fillings, pies, etc.


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