Organic corn jelly 520g

From organic farming, without GMO.

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Corn jelly is a non-refined sweet, obtained by enzymatic processes from corn grain of Organic Farming, ensuring the absence of chemicals and genetic manipulations.

Ingredients: 100% organic corn.

Nutritional analysis per 100g:

Energy: 389.7 Kcal / 1655 Kj

Lipids: 0.5g

Carbon hydrates: 95g

of which Maltose: 41g

Proteins: 1.3g

Non-refined, without added dyes or preservers.


Mode of use: Use in natural sweets and pastry, biscuits, cookies, to sweeten breakfast cereals, yogurts, tea, coffee, drinks, etc.

Store in the fridge after open.

Keep it in the fridge after being opened.

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