Vegetable Soup with Organic Seaweed 150g

13 doses

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This vegetable soup with seaweed is a mixture of dried vegetables and wakame seaweed to give more flavour to your soups. 

With 40g seaweed per kilogram.

Ingredients: Carrots*, parsnip*, leek*, onion*, cabbage*, parsley*, celery* and Atlantic wakame seaweed* (4%).

* from organic farming

Nutritional analysis (per 100 g):
Energy: 1273 Kj / 302 Kcal
Lipids: 0.2 g
of which Saturated fatty acids: <0.1 g
Carbon hydrates: 57.8 g
of which Sugars: 4.4 g
Proteins: 7.9 g
Salt: 0.4 g

Suggested use: Boil two tablespoons of soup of dehydrated vegetables per each cup of water, for 20 minutes. Add olive oil to taste and serve.

It may contain traces of crustaceans, gluten, sesame and soy.

Organic Certification ES-ECO-022-GA

Store in a cool and dry place.

Origin: Spain

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