Grid-tied Inverter 1 KW

Connect solar panels or batteries directly to the network.

Generate your own energy

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Converts the continuous current (CC) generate by solar panels or accumulated on batteries in alternate current (AC), synchronizing with other generators. 

It may be connected to a normal power outlet or used as the only power source.


  • It may be used to directly connect solar panels to the network, without batteries or load controller
  • Synchronizes wave with the maximum deviation of 1% if there are other generators in the network
  • Pure sine modulation SPWM
  • Output stabilization
  • Adapts to any power source of the electrical instalation
  • Cuts the output current in case of failure in the network
  • It may be connected in parallel to other inverters
Nominal power: 1000 W
Recommended for solar panels up to 1250 Wp (you may connect up to 12 100 W panels, for example)
Maximum imput power: 1200 W
Maximum absorbed current: 65 A
Input voltage: 10.5 - 28 V DC
Maximum peak power: 1000 W
Output voltage: 180 - 260 V AC
Output frequency: 45 - 53 Hz
Maximum distortion THDIAC < 5 %
Phase variation < 1%
Stand by consumption: < 2 W
Working temperature: -25 to 60 ºC
Maximum supported humidity: 99 % without condensation. For indoor use.
CE Certification
Weight 2.1 Kg
Dimensions: 31 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm

Box contents:
1 grid-tie inverter 1 KW
1 Cable of connection to the power outlet

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