Midzu Vegetable Slicer

Fancy vegetable dishes in minutes

With 3 special blades

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Weight 714 g

Includes 3 special blades:


Special blades will allow you to slice, shred and cut spiraling fruits, vegetables and much more ...
Fun way to get children to enjoy vegetables.

This vegetable cutter is designed to easily fix on the bench.

Put vegetables in place and turn the handle for instant perfect results.

Shred carrots and cabbage for coleslaw, slice cucumber for healthy salads, cut tomatoes for fresh salsa and turn potatoes into curly fries or chips.

Delicious and nutritious meals are ready in no time. Unleash your kitchen creativity with Midzu Vegetable Slicer,

 Effect of cutting:

1. Strip blade

    2. Chip blade
    3. Blade that cuts sliced


Cleaning is simple and easy: under running water or in the dishwashing machine. To facilitate the removal of food pieces from the blades, use a small brush.

Made in China.

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