Nigari 100g

To make homemade tofu.

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Nigari is a Japanese traditional product, used as coagulant in tofu production. It is obtained from sea water through a process of filtering, centrifugation and concentration that originates the Nigari crystals, which are then broken and packaged.

Ingredients: sea water

Mode of use: Use as coagulant to produce tofu, in the proportion of 1 teaspoon to 1 liter of soy milk.

Composition: Magnesium chloride 98.47%; salt (sodium of potassium chloride) 1.51%


Nutritional analysis (for 100g):

Energetic value: 0kcal / 0kj

Lipids:0 g

of which Satured fatty acids:0 g

Carbon hydrates: 0 g

of which Sugars: 0 g

Fibres: 0 g

Proteins: 0 g

Salt: 1.51 g


Origin: Japan

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Category: Food products > Other food products
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