Apple & Plum puree BIO 2*100g

100% fruit puree, ready to eat!

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Expire date: 2023-01-24
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100% organic fruit puree!

This fruit puree offers a practical and innovative way to consume quality fruits. It is a healthy suggestion to answer the needs of the modern life that requires speed, but also, and increasingly more, to take care of yourself.

It is also a good option for babies and kids snacks.

Does not contain: preservatives, added flavours or sugars.

The fruit naturaly contains sugars. The product is best consumed cold.

Ingredients: Apple* (80%), Plum* (20%).
*Certified organic farming


Nutricional analysis (for 100g):

Energy: 268 kJ / 63 kcal


of which saturated:0.0g

Carbohydrates: 14 g

of which sugars: 14 g

Fiber: 1.5 g


Salt: < 0.01 g


Set of 2 packs of 100 g each.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Once open, keep the pack in the fridge and consume within 24h.


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