Midzu Slow Juicer

Innovative design, works at low speed. Makes vegetable juice, fruit juice, legume juice.

Price: EUR 116.99

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Code: E687
Voltage 220 - 240 volts

Weight 3.9 Kg

Power 150 W

Warranty 2 years

Midzu Slow Juicer is a multifunctional masticating juicer, which slowly crushes and squeezes the juice out of fruits and vegetables. It is suitable for making juices such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, and legume juice.

The up-to-date low speed squeezing/ juicing method preserves natural taste and nutritious components.

With Midzu Slow Juicer nothing is wasted. Process the residue again to squeeze any remaining juice out. Then waste may be used for flavouring in soups, cakes and salads; as compost in gardens and plants; feed for children’s small pets; baby food (if mixed back into the juice and diluted with water).

With reverse function.

In order to protect product life, suggested operation time is 10 minutes. Then rest the appliance for 20 minutes before the next cycle.


Demo Videos of slow juicer here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaweC26kvcsYDKZm6oRbFw


Motor Speed: 90-115 RPM

Continuous operating time: ≤10 min

Time interval: ≥10 min.

CE Certification. Compliant with ROHS and the most recent European regulations.
The plastic does not contain bisphenol A.

Made in China

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