Frequently asked questions

Is your soya milk maker safe to operate?

All our equipments are designed for safe domestic operation. They are also compliant with the latest European standards and regulations.

Do I need to soak the soybeans?

The soymilk maker can prepare soymilk with dry soybeans. However, soaking the soybeans allows the soy protein to be extracted more effectively. As suggested by many health professionals and food experts, it is recommended to soak all grains before use to. This is a good method of breaking down the Soy Trypsin Inhibitor Activity, as well as of reducing the phytates. This is accomplished by thoroughly soaking the grains and using proven cooking methods.  The best soymilk is therefore made from soaked soybeans, with added taste and quality.  Soaking soybeans is easy: just put them in water and leave them overnight.

What kind of soybeans should I choose? Does the quality matter?

The quality of the drink obtained depends very much on the quality of the product used, whether it is soybeans, oat, rice, almond or other. Always prefer organically grown and non-transgenic products. In natural food stores you can buy large quantities save money and the environment by reducing packaging.

Is it possible to make flavoured raw milks?

Sure! You can make raw milks with a huge variety of flavours. You will only need to add the desired flavour while preparing the milk or after it is ready. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, coconut, fruit and sweeteners are among the most popular. You can also prepare soymilk mixed with seeds (linseed, hemp, sesame, etc.) or nuts (almond, hazelnut, etc.). You can find more suggestions inside the user's manual.

In what kind of container should I keep the milk in the refrigerator?

You can use the jug of the soymilk maker or a glass jar. Plastic bottles are not a good choice, but they can also be used.

Can I wash my soymilk maker jug in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. Only the machine head cannot be washed in the dishwasher, as any electrical device. But please make sure it is in a safe position.

I saw a soymilk maker that also made tofu. Does yours make tofu too?

Soymilk makers make the milk and then people have to add the coagulator to separate soy protein from the water and put it into a box to shape it. Although any box with holes can work, using a cloth to filter the water, it is recommended to use a tofu kit such as the Midzu Tofu Kit.

What is better for the environment: to make milk at home or to buy it? What about tofu?

Making milk at home pollutes a lot less. Altough industrial methods can be more efficient, storage and transportation problems make it globally much more agressive for the environment than making milk at home. For example: a family that buys a litre of milk each day consumes 2557 litres and packages in 7 years. Those packages have also to be transported, possibly over long distances. If the same family bought the soybeans, they would only need to carry 256Kg and spend 256 packages (if they bought only 1Kg at each time). If you make your own soymilk and tofu you are saving money, but also your health and the environment.


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